About Us

The owners, Michael and Kim Daugherty, differ tremendously in their racing background. Michael was born and raised in Evansville and grew up around drag racing. Kim was born and raised in Lafayette, and her family has participated in circle track racing from back in the figure 8 days. One evening after returning from the Benton County demo derby, Kim suggested they stop and watch her Uncle Kenny.

Once Michael entered the pits and smelled the race fuel, it was a challenge he had to attempt. It was amazing!! So the next year, Michael and Kim purchased a Street Stock and started racing. Earning the 2007 Class and All around Rookie, they learned a lot from a team owners perspective. The track closed in 2009 leaving them to travel to other venues as far as 3 hours away.

After attending many different tracks, Michael contacted his friend who was selling the property for the bank, just to "take a peek".  He was really just nosey and wanted to see how bad of a condition the track was in after all these years. Upon first visit, even the Commercial Realtor had a desperate look on his face. Once they walked around, he began to see how he would update and repair a lot of the issues from the long shutdown. The biggest issue was if the lighting still worked.  After the lights turned on and most were working, Michael then thought it could become a reality.

After some discussion with the Realtor, an offer was put in to the bank. Kim was still extremely hesitant, but Michael reassured her that he didn't think a deal would come of the negotiation. The next day, Doug said he needed to have a meeting with Michael. He sat down and said "They accepted your offer". After that heart stopping meeting, Michael decided to break the news to Kim over dinner. After carefully planning out positive outcomes and presenting a great possibility of how it could be accomplished, she still was very doubtful. So he just laid it out there: "They accepted our offer, and we have 30 days to close".

And then the journey began...

Daugherty Speedway runs the following classes: UMP MODIFIEDS, UMP PRO LATE MODELS, STREET STOCK, and SPORT COMPACT.