News | Introduction of 602 Crate Engine


July 15, 2016

Daugherty Speedway has reached out to several other tracks around the midwest with one common goal: Create a set of common rules and lower the cost of racing for drivers.,

Plymouth has set the stage with their Pro Sprint class that many other tracks are noticing. Finding a way to not re-open the engines where there is skepticism of tampering with sealed engines. Well Plymouth has a plan in place that they are running the 602 sealed engine. This engine is 40% cheaper and is deemed a "throw-away engine" after its life. There may be options for trade ins, or just an outright sale to a hobbyist. Michael is currently working with Chevrolet to get a single sourced engine that all tracks can see the seals and they will not be able to be altered or changed.

Daugherty Speedway will be rolling out this plan beginning in 2017. All of the details will be coming after a drivers meeting. But here is a few ideas that will attempt to make the 602 competitive while in the "transition period"

  • 4 barrel carb

  • decreased or no weight limit

Daugherty Speedway recognizes that in order to keep competition at the height of excitement for the fans, you have to do what you can to limit the money over skill. "You can't completely remove people attempting to cheat, but we can try by limiting those items. From my experience, it costs a lot more money to cheat, and that affects the integrity of the sport." When asked about how it will affect drivers participating in UMP points, he responded: "I have already had a conversation with Sam. UMP is on board and has attempted this in the past. I think a collaboration from the midwest will help spar this movement in keeping competition up and costs down. All UMP points will still be given for all classes"

Effective January 1, 2017, Daugherty Speedway will allow the 602 crate engine, ONLY PURCHASED THROUGH THE APPROVED VENDOR, to run in both Pure Street and Street Stock. In 2018, the 602 will be the only engine allowed moving forward in both classes.

For more information, follow for a scheduled drivers meeting.

Posted in Press Releases on Jul 15, 2016