News | Payout Increased for 2016

Daugherty Speedway has increased their purse for ALL classes in 2016. In 2015, Daugherty Speedway had one of the best payouts in the midwest. With the increase for 2016, they are putting all other tracks on notice. "Racing is getting expensive and drivers are coming from even further distances. Kim and I decided to bear the burden to reward our drivers by increasing the pay, with a focus on starting pay. We are hoping this will bring drivers from further distances." said Michael Daugherty track owner.

Daugherty Speedway has always paid full payout no matter the amount of cars that show up. This practice has been noticed by many drivers and they are now traveling great distances to run at Daugherty Speedway. "If you haven't noticed, Daugherty Speedway is one of the best tracks around and you should support them every single week!" says driver Trent Low, who travels almost 6 hours round trip to race at Daugherty Speedway.

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Posted in Track News on Dec 12, 2015