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Attention Fans and Drivers. An update. We just met with the crew at Hetrick Trucking. We have identified some good rock free red and yellow clay that is a few hours south. We have a plan in place for Hetrick to bring in a dozer and rip up and de-rock the surface after hauling in good clay. We are coming up on the dry season so it will be perfect to move dirt. We will begin the mesh process of new clay with old substrate once the clay has been delivered.

What does this mean? As we asked, please be patient with us. We are planning this all out to make the best possible race surface for our drivers and fans. We have no exact timelines, but we will probably schedule a practice session once everything is complete that will be open to any driver to allow us to get feedback from drivers and see if our progress is good enough to start back racing. If it isn't, we will continue to work on the track until we are there.

Again, thank you for your patience during this process. We would have hoped we could wait until the fall like last time, but we were told July is the best time due to dry conditions and being able to break down the dirt to separate any rock. Thank you for your help during this repair.

Michael and Kim Daugherty

Posted in Track News on Jun 26, 2017